Hmm..canapés 🧐

Canapés can be a special part of any wedding menu, the options are endless, dizzyingly varied and delicious! But deciding just what to choose can be a tricky business! They should at once be beautiful to look at, and incredible to eat, neat little packages of joy, preferably one bite, packing a big flavour punch!

Some clients prefer a simple approach, perhaps bruschetta with various toppings (certainly a great cost effective option!) others prefer to echo the snacks on offer in their local restaurants, maybe spice roasted nuts, cheese gougeres or ham croquettes. Many enjoy classic little crowd pleasers like sausage rolls or parmesan biscuits with goats’ cheese and sun dried tomato…others choose more unusual flavours like brassica frittes with chilli salt and chicken skin butter, or Mexican beef sirloin quesadillas, sour cream and pickled watermelon…

And the question wedding caterers face…amongst all this choice and preference is: what to offer? As a wedding caterer it’s easy to offer too much variety and bamboozle your clients, instead our list is a greatest hits of the wider variety on offer. A selection of firm favourites from our full extensive list.

There’s an updated list coming to our website very soon, including many of our classics: quails’ egg scotch eggs (this year I’m thinking of mixing it up and creating a ham hock version of the old favourite), roasted tomato & basil Arrancini, with melting mozzarella centres. But there will be many new delights as well, such as Spanish bombas (delicious creamed potato and rice with local cheese, breaded and fried, and served with bravvas sauce and aioli) and something I discovered in Barcelona this year – delicate ‘bikini toasties’ served with salt beef, pickles and cheese.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that Alex Chef Wedding Caterers will make every bite memorable, and as delicious as the next, and the next, right through your special day and then just when you thought it was over…as your guests get peckish…let us wow you again with delicious street food as you party into the evening. 🎈