Photo and film shoot location catering

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner catering for crew and cast to any location throughout Norfolk or Suffolk.

Some of our previous clients

Sky one: Major drama series 
Anglian Water: Television advert
Cotton club: Catalogue shoot 
Harrods: Magazine advert
Matalan: Magazine advert
Urban Outfitters: Magazine advert

The best location catering we’ve ever had by far

Please email with details of your shoot including numbers, requirements and locations for availability and prices.

Big breakfast Examples

Porridge with various toppings
Various cereals and milk
Bircha muesli
Granola, yogurt and fruit compote
Fresh fruit salad
Danish pastries
Blueberry scones
Bacon roll
Sausage sandwich
Full English in a bun
Fried egg roll
Cheese, ham and egg toastie
Campfire baked beans on toast
Poached egg, avocado and tomato rye roll
Eggy bread, bacon and maple syrup
Fried eggs ‘shakshuka’ flatbread
Rancheros huervos
Spiced fried egg, spinach and potato roti
Halloumi, sweet chilli and rocket wrap
Indonesian nasi goreng

Lunch and dinner

Hot pot examples.
Mexican Beef mole’ with kidney beans and peppers with pickled chillies, soft taco and ‘slaw
Slow cooked lamb with aubergines, tomatoes, bay and orange with seeded rice salad and flatbread
Classic beef bourgignon with button mushrooms, onions and bacon, carrots and butterbeans with crusty bread
Chicken & chorizo with white beans, tomato and fennel, smoked paprika and pickled chillies with ciabatta
Classic beef chilli con carne with avocado salsa and tortilla chips and rice and flatbread
Irish lamb stew with potatoes, carrots, Pearl barley and parsley with soft bloomer bread
Sausages and green lentils with baby onions, squash and thyme with crusty french bread
Slow cooked pork shoulder with lemon, bay and roasted garlic, new potatoes and sweet onions with ciabatta
Pork with Sherry and cream with apricots and almonds and fresh potato gnocchi, and rosemary focaccia
Spicy sausage and tomato sauce with fennel seeds, chilli, rosemary and penne pasta with garlic bruschetta
Ham and roasted cauliflower Mac n cheese with crusty bread
Moroccan lamb meatballs in creamy cumin and prune veloute with flatbread and spiced sweet potatoes with flatbread

Vegetarian hot pot examples

Mexican Sweet potato mole’ with kidney beans and peppers with pickled chillies, soft taco and ‘slaw with flatbread
Classic ratatouille with rocket salad and crusty bread
Mushroom and baby onion stroganoff with herbed rice and crusty french bread
Lentil and roasted tomato bolognaise with penne and Parmesan and ciabatta
Tomato, pepper, fennel and white bean stew with smoked paprika and pickled chillies with flatbread
Arrabiata sauce with fresh potato gnocchi and basil pesto served with Parmesan and rosemary focaccia
Beetroot and goats cheese risotto
Squash, red pepper and tomato stew
Root vegetable, cheddar and thyme crumble
Vegetable Lancashire hot pot

Curry examples

Thai green chicken curry
Slow cooked Thai musaman beef and potato curry
Slow cooked pork and tamarind curry
Lamb rogan josh
Lamb keema and pea coconut curry
Chicken, red lentil and coconut dhaal
Panang fish curry
Tiger Prawn and squash moilee
Vegetarian curry examples
Spinach and chickpea ‘chaana dhaal’
Phaldari paneer kofta in masala sauce
Black bean and pea dhaal
Cauliflower and potato, red lentil dansak
All curries served rice, raita, chutney and flatbread


Vegetable and bean classic minestrone soup, with green pesto, Parmesan and ciabatta
Spiced spinach and potato soup, raita and flatbread
Roasted potato and leek soup, shoestring fries and crumbled Cheshire cheese, crusty rolls
French onion soup, gruyere croutons and crusty french baguette
Sweet potato, roasted pepper and chickpea soup, red pesto sauce and ciabatta
Spiced parsnip and coconut soup with toasted coconut flakes and nigella seeds, yogurt and flatbread
Celeriac and potato soup with crispy bacon bits and crusty bloomer
Tomato and celery soup with pistou and french baguette
Sweetcorn, potato and baby onion chowder with fresh parsley and chives , crusty bread
Mexican bean soup with sour cream, pickled chillies and tortilla chips
Scotch broth
Cauliflower and white bean soup
Broccoli and cheddar soup

Salad examples

Leafy green salad with house dressing
Classic Greek salad
Spiced, seeded carrot salad
Esme salad
Asian ‘slaw
Mexican bean salad
Classic tabaeuleh
Cous cous, pomegranate, flat leaf parsley, orange and cumin salad
Roasted vegetable salad with capers olives and basil
Raw parsnip, yogurt and sesame
Giant cous cous, goats cheese and lemon
Fresh Pickled cabbage
Tomato, cucumber, gem and radish in lemon oil
Roasted courgettes with feta, chilli and lemon

Cake Examples

Coconut and lime cake
Seedy Granola bars
Carrot cake
Orange and biscuit cake
Orange and almond cake
Lemon and polenta
Jamaican ginger cake
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate fudge cake
Chocolate brownie