Food Trucks

A few years ago I approached a good friend of mine, an outside caterer turned carpenter (extremely good at both it turns out!) Tris Abbs , (formerly director of Julie Abbs catering, now owner of Flint Conversions, highly recommended btw.) to see if he could come up with a way to make my refrigerated van transform on demand into a food truck. After a little thought, and banging of heads together, we came up with a near perfect solution. He would create a wrap around bar from wood that a neat little kitchen would sit behind, a wooden bar to serve from, and topped with an awning we had a great looking pop up ready for any event. The great thing was, was that having been in the catering industry for a number of years Tris understood exactly what would be needed.

The genius of this gentleman’s plan is in the versatility, we can literally set up and serve anything, anywhere. As we can adjust what equipment our kitchen holds, and even the size of our kitchen to suit whatever we’re serving for however many needed.

From pizza to fish and chips, tacos, kebabs, burgers… it can be adjusted to create any street food required, as well as beautiful tapas, or small plates, we’re even using it to serve 100 people a 3 course meal in the early summer! Oh and of course, it comes complete with a massive fridge right next to it! Keeping everything perfectly chilled, including me! 😁