Getting the balance right

Part of our job as a wedding caterer is to help our clients get the right menu, from the first canapé served with a glass of arrival fizz, right through to the late night dancing fuel snacks.

Getting the right menu planned can be a daunting prospect, from how many, and type of canapés; should you choose traditional crowd pleasers? Or a more modern ‘restaurant snack’ kind..? to which style of meal.. do you choose an individually plated by our excellent chefs meal? even then, do you have a starter? Or were the canapés enough?

Or do you go down the Family service route, with several lovely meat and fish options, bright salads and sides & sauces? All served to each individual table, …

Or a traditional luxurious buffet, piled high and mouthwatering for guests to pick and choose exactly which and what they’d like… And then there’s the evening food… from cheeseboards to cheeseburgers, the choices are endless, and can certainly be rather mind boggling!

But rest assured, we are here to help! Alex is more than happy to discuss all of the options available, taking you through the pros and cons of each style, why’s and wherefores’ of how one may work for you better than another.

We’re here to take as much stress from the process as possible.

We believe that the planning should be a pleasure for you, something you look forward to, and not stress inducing at all. So let us take you through the steps, let us help you to create the perfect day, in the perfect way.