Buffets and Street Food

Cold lunch or dinner buffets

Meat, Fish & vegetarian options.

Lebanese spiced roast chicken
Rosemary and lemon lamb kebabs
Chinese bbq pork belly skewers
Chicken with tarragon and creme fraiche
Teriyaki chicken skewers
Sliced pork loin with sea salt, lemon, chilli and fried thyme
Charcuterie platter, olives, rocket & lemon
Scotch eggs
Lamb & butter bean empanadas
Lamb, feta and spinach boreks
Beef brisket & celeriac pasties
Lamb samosas
Sausage rolls
Cold sliced salt beef, honey mustard and pickles
Cold smoked ham with mustard
Cured fish platter, lemon mayonnaise, lemons & cucumber dill salad
Smoked salmon with pickled cucumbers, lemon and herb butter
Roasted salmon with lemons, avocado, roasted tomatoes, pickled lemon & gem
King prawn cocktail with chopped salad, chipotle Mayo and gem leaf
Mushroom, fennel and sweet potato rolls (v)
Vegetable samosas
Spicy breaded bean balls (v)
Soy, sesame and honey tofu (v)
Goats cheese and beetroot burgers (v)


Leafy green salad with house dressing
Classic Greek salad
Spiced, seeded carrot salad
Esme salad
Asian ‘slaw
Mexican bean salad
Classic tabbouleh
Cous cous, pomegranate, flat leaf parsley, orange and cumin salad
Roasted vegetable salad with capers olives and basil
Raw parsnip, yogurt and sesame
Giant cous cous, goats cheese and lemon
Fresh Pickled cabbage
Tomato, cucumber, gem and radish in lemon oil
Roasted courgettes with feta, chilli and lemon

Dips & Sauces

Tomato harissa
Pepper and sweetcorn salsa
Salsa verde
Red pesto
Lemon mayonnaise
Chive creme fraiche


Gluten free rolls
Soft white rolls
Lebanese flatbread

Hot lunch or dinner Buffets.

Chicken and coconut curry with rice, handmade naan, Asian slaw and handmade chutney


Vegetable and coconut curry with rice, handmade naan, Asian slaw and handmade chutney

Beef and bean mole’ taco, sweetcorn salsa, cucumber’slaw’


Sweet potato & pepper mole’ taco, sweetcorn salsa, cucumber’slaw’ ve.

Chicken, chorizo, tomato, spinach and white bean stew with flatbread


Smoked paprika, tomato, carrot, spinach and white bean stew with flatbread ve.

Lamb keema and lentil curry, rice, carrot salad with black sesame and pickled chilli


Broad bean bhaji and lentil curry, rice, carrot salad with black sesame and pickled chilli ve.

Slow baked lamb and sweet pepper ragu, garlic and oregano flat bread and Greek salad


Root vegetable, tomato and pepper ragu, garlic bread and Greek salad

Italian beef meatballs in slow cooked tomato and thyme sauce with penne pasta & Parmesan, garlic bruschetta, tomato, mozzarella and basil salad


Italian meatless ‘meatballs’, in slow cooked tomato and thyme sauce with penne pasta & Parmesan, garlic bruschetta, tomato, and basil salad

Chicken with mushrooms, baby onions, new potatoes and tarragon cooked in sherry, garlic and cream, garlic and parsley crumbs


Field and button mushroom, baby onion and tarragon risotto, garlic and parsley crumbs

Classic Beef lasagne with tomato mozzarella and basil salad, served with garlic bread


Classic Melanzane with tomato sweet red onion and basil salad, served with garlic bread

Classic lamb Moussaka with Greek salad & homemade flatbread


Mushroom & squash Moussaka with Greek salad & homemade flatbread


All served with bread & butter
Classic vegetable minestrone
Roasted tomato, basil & red pepper
Butternut squash & thyme
Sweet potato & coconut
Cauliflower & cheddar
Leek & baked potato
Carrot & coriander


Chocolate fudge brownie sundae


Vegan chocolate brownie with fresh strawberries ve.

Orange and almond cake with creme fraiche


Orange and raspberry salad with toasted almonds

Banana bread with pears in caramel sauce


Vegan banana bread with pears in caramel sauce ve.

Apple and prune biscuit crumble with cream


Apple and prune biscuit crumble with vegan cream

Strawberry, vanilla cream and meringue mess


Strawberries with vegan cream and vegan biscuit crumble

Roasted pineapple, lime syrup, coconut cream and chocolate nuts ve.

Finger buffets.

Menu 1.

Chipolatas on sticks, honey, mustard dip.
Sausage rolls.
½ Scotch eggs.
Selection of sandwiches, to include;
Egg and watercress,
Ham, cheddar and tomato.
Roast beef, horseradish and rocket.
Individual parmesan, mushroom and sweet red onion quiche.
Tenderstem or asparagus wrapped in Suffolk baked ham.
Crayfish cocktail on gem lettuce leaves.
Mini lemon tarts.
Apple and cinnamon cake.

Menu 2.

Smoked salmon and watercress tartlets.
Mediterranean vegetable, olive and feta bruschetta.
Sun blushed tomato, pesto and mozzarella wraps.
Caramelised red onion, anchovy and olive pissaladierre.
Pastrami, pickle and mustard ciabatta sandwich.
Hummus, red pepper and olive, foccacia sandwich.
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber on wholemeal.
Salt cod fritters, aioli and rocket.
Plum and almond tart.
Chocolate and ameretto tartlets.

Menu 3.

Chicken liver parfait en croute.
Serrano ham, wrapped around blue figs stuffed with hazelnuts & basil
Smoked Trout, beetroot and horseradish foccacia.
Chargrilled artichoke, almond stuffed olive, and blue’d avergne skewers.
Asparagus, aged parmesan and thyme tarts.
Crab, tomato and saffron tarts.
Selection of dips to include;
Roast tomato harissa,
baba ganoush
grissini, and homemade bread
Selection of Norfolk cheeses Damsel biscuits, membrillo paste,
Walnuts and apple.
Luxury fruit salad kebabs
Chocolate sacher torte
Individual raspberry and passion fruit pavlovas.
Coffee and chocolate truffles

Grazing table example

Italian Charcuterie selection
Cheese selection
Cheese biscuits
Fresh figs
Homemade pickles
Beetroot & chilli dip
Roasted nuts
Fried corn & beans

Simple, unfussy cost effective buffet option.

Sandwich selection to include:

Ham & mustard
Cheddar & chutney
Brie & red onion marmalade
Egg & cress
Sausage rolls
½ buttered cheese scones
Little chicken satay kebabs
Roasted vegetable & Parmesan quiche
Greek salad gem leaf cups
Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chive toasts
Chocolate brownie bites

Street food menu.


Soft corn tacos with either prime beef chilli, sweet corn and pepper ‘succotash’ or Tijuana chicken, spicy salsa, avocado, sour cream and shredded lettuce – 2 per person


Handmade 100% beef burgers in handmade artisan rolls, with simple salad, pickles sauces and chutneys

Hot dogs

A choice of 5 types of sausage, 3 types of bun, and several sauces, pickles, mustards and relish

Pulled pork buns

Whole spit roasted rare breed pig, with artisan rolls, our own BBQ sauce, leaf salad and fried onions

Fish n chips

Crisp fried breaded fish goujons, with chips n mushy peas, tartare and ketchup

Posh kebabs

Slow roasted, BBQ lamb, in handmade flatbread, with Turkish salad, chilli, hummus and tzatziki sauces

Pizza slices

Slices of homemade pizza, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and, well.. whatever you prefer

Noodle box

Stir fried Singapore style noodles, with chicken, prawns, sesame, coriander and soy

Thai box.

Pad Thai with spring rolls, spicy fishcakes and green papaya salad

Caribbean Roti.

Yam and chickpea, coconut curry, banana, chilli chutney & shredded salted cabbage wrapped in fried flatbread


shredded crispy chicken thighs, iceburg lettuce, spicy retried beans, guacamole, sour cream

Bacon baps.

Suffolk bacon in large bakers soft rolls with homemade ketchup

Cheese toasties.

Selection of various cheeses with our without Ham,

Served with pickles, tomatoes or chutney

Loaded Fries

Crispy fries, topped with;

Cheddar & bacon or Mexican beef, sweetcorn salsa & guacamole or Bravvas sauce and aioli

Macaroni Cheese

Simple as it comes or with bacon or pickled chillies

Homemade Large Warm sausage rolls

With homemade ketchup & mustard